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Brands in our projects

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1. Smart Static Solar System

Static Solar system is traditional solar plant which is fixed on ground having south facing fixed solar panels whereas SUPAASI Smart Solar Static System provides facility to move its solar panel manually south to west according to summer / winter season resulting thereby producing more energy up to 15-20%.



2. Single Pole Dual Axis Solar System

This system simultaneously tracks the sun east / west and north / south throughout the day and season respectively.  It produces approx.60% more energy (kWh) than traditional static system. However power production depends on latitude and other factors. The key benefit of this system is that it can be installed on very less ground space.







3. Double Pole Dual Axis Tracking System

This system is just superior model of Single Pole Dual Axis Solar System meant for roof top installations. Double pole is provided to strengthen the structure to face the   wind pressure and thunder storms. The energy output is identical to the Single Pole Dual Axis Solar System.



Double Pole Dual Axis Tracking System

4. Rail Track Auto Tracking Solar System:


This is the most futuristic Auto Tracking Solar System ever made since functioning of this system is very unique and innovative. It tracks the sun continuously from morning to evening to give consistent energy throughout the day moreover its energy output is approx. 60% higher than the contemporary solar power systems.


Key characteristics of this system are as under:


  • Rail tracking systems support the weight of each panel, so that they can withstand high wind pressure. This rail tracking systems can sustain wind pressure up to 130 KMPH.
  • Rail tracking systems spread the weight of the panels over the area of the array, so the load is not concentrated on one spot.
  • Rail tracking system has only two moving parts – actuators that move the array and bearings that allow each panel to rock in each axis. Fewer moving parts mean less maintenance cost.
  • Rail tracking system is mounted on concrete foundation with high tensile fasteners on each anchors bolts for better grip.
  • Rail trackers are scalable:  Frame which holds panels can be coupled, so automation which moves the panels in both directions (east/west and north/south) can be shared among the frames. The result is lower cost per panel.

Comparison in all three types of PV module mounting structures out put power production

The above graphic picture clearly shows that our dual axis rail track auto tracking solar power plant produces maximum energy as compared to single axis and static solar power plants.