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We started with a simple idea.

Company overview


SUPAASI Solar Auto Tracking Systems is a single location, medium scale, multi product solar powered energy solutions provider company based at Ghaziabd in national capital region, Delhi. It is professionally managed company having state of the art manufacturing facilities at Saddiq Nagar, Major Asharam Tyagi Road, Opp DPSG, Ghaziabad.

The company has got in principal approval from MNRE-CRISIL (Ministry of New & Renewable Energy, Government of India, New Delhi) for its capability in start-up category of solar power rating for decentralized solar PV applications having validity of its grading till June 29, 2019.


The company is promoted by a young and dynamic first generation entrepreneur, Mr Sudhir Parswal with his associates in 2016. Though Mr. Sudhir Parswal had been into this line of activity for more than 5 years but that was in the capacity of supplier only but taking inspiration from start-up and make in India initiative of our Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi for encouragement of alternative source of energy, he chose to start his own venture for manufacturing of full-fledged solar power plants.


Solar auto tracking technology took birth by chance when Mr Sudhir Parswal undertook a task to revamp an existing underperformed static solar power plant installed in a Public School in District M Nagar. The static solar power plant was not even able to produce half of its capacity and was a waste of money. Being an innovative and technology savvy entrepreneur, Mr Sudhir Parswal analyzed and thought of an idea to let the solar panels track the sun automatically right from morning till evening, then he implemented this concept into reality and the results were overwhelming. The plant produced more than 60% energy than its previous performance. This experiment has encouraged Mr. Sudhir Parwal to go ahead and spread the technology to common man. He has installed more than a dozen solar auto tracking plants of different size and capacity with an excellent energy production record.       


Management of Supaasi Solar Auto Tracking Systems vested in Mr. Sudhir Parwal and Mr. Vijay Pal Singh.

Supaasi Sun Tracking Systems are more productive, simple and reliable as compare to othere tracking systems.